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E. A. Preobrazhensky: “Surplus Value, Surplus Product Wages”– Excerpt The New Economics with reference to Marx

This is another section in my ongoing project to digitize and serialize The New Economics the signature work of the Bolshevik revolutionary and scientific socialist E.A. Preobrazhensky.  Originally published in 1926 by Preobrazhensky during the period of his struggle against … Continue reading

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The Law of Value Under the Socialization of Industry in a Peasant Country

“In particular, in America the farmers’ holdings, in spite of their comparatively scattered nature, …were completely subjected by means of credit, by means of supplies, and by means of the control of outlets by big trading firms, banks, steamship, elevator … Continue reading

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Primitive or Primary Accumulation of Capital

In the history of primitive accumulation, all revolutions are epoch-making that act as levers for the capital class in course of formation; but, above all, those moments when great masses of men are suddenly and forcibly torn from their means … Continue reading

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An Interesting View of Small Scale Production and Private Ownership from 1902

Though Karl Kautsky was famously vilified by both Lenin¹ and Trotsky² for his critique of the establishment of a socialist republic by the Bolsheviks and for his centrist wavering in the face of the rising imperial conflict of World War … Continue reading

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