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Discussion: What would be the nature, and structure of ownership of an institution such as Facebook in a socialist world ?

What is the political economy of Facebook? How could such an institution be nationalized? Could it be made a global social property? Please respond in any media format, WordPress FB or Twitter.

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On Elementary Education: from Lenin’s diary in the last year of his life. 1923

Too little, far too little, is still being done by us to adjust our state budget to satisfy, as a first measure, the requirements of elementary public education. Even in our People’s Commissariat of Education we all too often find … Continue reading

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Bahrain security forces enter intermediate and secondary schools, arrest pupils and teachers. .exclusive

Exclusive to Rawlinsview Blog. By Rawlinsview and two Bahraini correspondents, plus press reports. April 24– New York/Manama, Bahrain A pattern of blanket harassment and intimidation of the majority Shia population in Bahrain has intensified since Saudi Arabian military forces entered … Continue reading

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