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Article Describes SWP intervention into opposing pro/anti Trump Rallies in Portland Oregon

This article describes first hand the interactions of the working class socialist political party, The Socialist Workers’ Party, (SWP) with attendees at the well publicized and well documented contending rallies in Portland Oregon in recent weeks. Vol. 81/No. 24      June 19, … Continue reading

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Bourgeois Socialism

. Conservative or Bourgeois Socialism From MIA: Marxists: Marx & Engels: Library: 1848: Manifesto of the Communist Party: Chapter 3: A part of the bourgeoisie is desirous of redressing social grievances in order to secure the continued existence of bourgeois … Continue reading

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Must Read

Lenin: The Right of Nations to Self Determination

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Bahrain Center for Human Rights names individuals facing trial by military courts. Full Text

Originally posted on Rawlin'sView Blog:
The following article describes the 21 individuals facing trial today in Bahrain. The trials are closed to the public. Four young men have already been sentenced to death in Bahrain. The individuals facing trial could…

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The Characteristics of Mature Capitalism v. 4

Originally posted on Rawlin'sView Blog:
by Rawlinsview –New York Jan 29, 2014 – –  The Current Situation – – Every child knows, too, that the masses of products corresponding to the different needs required different and quantitatively determined masses…

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Microsoft customer service telephone hack?

Is anyone aware of a situation in which the Microsoft Corporation telephone customer support network has been hacked.  This issue was raised to me by a technical support person who answers their publicized telephone number. The effective information provided was … Continue reading

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James P. Cannon: A Blood Transfusion

Originally posted on Shiraz Socialist:
Back in March, the sometime-socialist Seymour posted this piece of far-right apologia (and rank anti-Semitism) on his blog. He has since received a resounding rebuke, and replied – characteristically- with childish, yah-boo petulance  predicated upon the…

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Notes of a Publicist V.I. Lenin (1907)

“After the dissolution of the Second Duma despondency, penitence, and apostasy became the outstanding features of political literature. Beginning with Mr. Struve, continuing with Tovarishch, and ending with, a number of writers supporting the Social-Democratic movement we witness a renunciation … Continue reading

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A Critique of Critical Theory from its Progenitors: Excerpt from the Communist Manifesto

The significance of Critical-Utopian Socialism and Communism bears an inverse relation to historical development. In proportion as the modern class struggle develops and takes definite shape, this fantastic standing apart from the contest, these fantastic attacks on it, lose all … Continue reading

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How big is the working class?

I am seeking scientifically derived opinions which come to a real verifiable and historically current number as to the absolute size of the international working class, or “proletariat” as defined by the generally accepted categories of scientific socialism. “Wage earning … Continue reading

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