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Socialist newspaper ‘The Militant’ reports on the increasing use of drone air strikes in Libya and Pakistan

The Militant Vol. 75/No. 18 May 9, 2011 Libya: White House talks about pullback, launches drone strikes BY BRIAN WILLIAMS Just weeks after President Barack Obama said Washington was ending its airstrikes in Libya, his administration April 23 unleashed aerial … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton at US Islamic World Forum: expresses “concern” for Bahrain, condemnation for Syria, full text link

Clinton “condemns” Syrian violence and Iran “tyranny,” raises “concerns” in Bahrain, seeks investment opportunity in Egypt and Tunisia A thorough exposition of the positions of US imperialism in relationship to the Middle East and the Muslim World includes statement of … Continue reading

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Spreadsheet providing names of individuals killed during recent uprisings in Yemen

This link was sent to me. I provides the names of individuals killed during the current uprising against the government of Yemen. It is similar to the spreadsheet that I published for Egypt thorough sourced and in multiple languages.

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National Democratic Struggle: Lenin’s view

The bourgeoisie, which naturally assumes the leadership at the start of every national movement, says that support for all national aspirations is practical. However, the proletariat’s policy in the national question (as in all others) supports the bourgeoisie only in … Continue reading

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