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REUTERS reports on Teamster Freight Rail Strike in Canada.

CP Rail’s train engineers, conductors go on strike in Canada: union TORONTO Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:59am EST A Canadian Pacific Railway crew works on their train at the CP Rail yards in Calgary, Alberta, in this file photo taken … Continue reading

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U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s Rebuttal to Obama Syria Speech Opens the Way to War

September 10, 2013 Rawlinsview–New York Below are excerpts followed by a link to the complete text of Republican Senator Paul’s Fox News televised rebuttal to Obama’s September’ 10 speech on Syria. Paul is often identified as a “Libertarian” though he … Continue reading

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Map shows Syria’s Oil and Gas Development and Transport Infrastructure. #Syria

September 10, 2013, Rawlinsview  New York This map found on Wikipedia and color adjusted by Rawlinsview shows the locations of oil and gas extraction as well as related transport infrastructure in Syria. It may help the reader better understand the … Continue reading

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GCC to weigh measures against Syria: AFP

As printed in the Khaleej Times  voice of the United Arab Emirates. Readers should keep in mind that the Gulf Cooperation Council is the same body that sanctioned Saudi intervention in the bloody crackdown in Bahrain.  Shi’ite populations in most … Continue reading

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Myth 3 #Syria : 3 of 3: The Limited Strike and the Long Term: Life after congressional approval.

Rawlinsview September 8, 2013–New York Doubtless I seem as the swordsman lancing a scarecrow setting up for my third myth the one that is  least believed. Lest their remain the opinion that no-one of any experience or authority, beyond the … Continue reading

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AP article exposes active involvement of US military advisers in Syrian Civil War #Syria

The article below details the beginnings of US military training and force-building operations based in Jordan and directed against the regime of Bashar al Assad of Syria. To anyone who has followed the development of US military engagements from the … Continue reading

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Syria Really is about Oil: Candid interview discusses capitalist interest in #Syria Video

“Syria Really Is about Oil” Peritus’ Tim Gramatovich tells TheStreet’s Joe Deaux. Peritus’ Tim Gramatovich as interviewed by The Street’s Joe Deux. Excerpt transcribed by Rawlinsview, Click photo for link to full interview. Wed, Sep 4, 2013, 6:46pm EDT – … Continue reading

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Myth 2 of 3. The Syrian Proxy War: Syria #Syria The US has no strategic interest

Myth two. The US has no significant strategic interest in the outcome of the Syrian conflict. ie this is primarily a humanitarian issue or one of honor for the US president. There are variations on this theme and it is … Continue reading

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VOA Map show array of Military “assets” ready for #Syria attack

Link to full Voice of America article details preparations for US military strike on Syria

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Myth one of Three ‘Obama in the Corner’ #Syria Syria

Myth one. Obama is in a Corner. Among the most repeated and least true statements as regards the US position toward the Syrian war is the idea that in some way US President Barack Obama has painted himself into a … Continue reading

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