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The Characteristics of Mature Capitalism v. 4

by Rawlinsview –New York Jan 29, 2014 – –  The Current Situation – – Every child knows, too, that the masses of products corresponding to the different needs required different and quantitatively determined masses of the total labor of society. … Continue reading

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Working-Class and Bourgeois Democracy: excerpts V.I. Lenin 1905

“The intellectualist wing devises a criterion of a good and kind bourgeoisie, worthy of concluding agreements with. The proletarian wing expects no kindness from the bourgeoisie, but supports any, even the very worst bourgeoisie, to the extent that it actually … Continue reading

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Communism and the Problem of Nationality: E.A. Preobrazhenky with Bukharin ed.:Excerpt with link

“ One of the forms of the oppression of man by man [sic] is the oppression of subject nationalities. Among the barriers by which human beings are separated, we have, in addition to the barriers of class, those of national … Continue reading

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E.A. Preobrazhensky Autobiographical Sketch. Part 4. of 5. with link to complete text.

“In Zlatoust, where I had returned to work, our Party was in the minority amongst the workers, even during the October Days. The majority supported the SRs. In October I took part in an armed demonstration by the Party under … Continue reading

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Once More on Bill De Blasio, Marxism, ‘Class Warfare’ Neo-Liberalism and taxing the rich,

Reuters—Liberal NYC Democrat wins Obama’s backing in mayoral race: “President Barack Obama…threw his support behind New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, lauding his fellow Democrat’s commitment to “an economy that works for all” and a “bold, courageous” plan to … Continue reading

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E. A. Preobrazhensky: “Surplus Value, Surplus Product Wages”– Excerpt The New Economics with reference to Marx

This is another section in my ongoing project to digitize and serialize The New Economics the signature work of the Bolshevik revolutionary and scientific socialist E.A. Preobrazhensky.  Originally published in 1926 by Preobrazhensky during the period of his struggle against … Continue reading

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On the Separation of Liberalism from Democracy: Lenin 1913

Lenin, below writing a year before the start of First World War. During the build up toward the war  most liberal and nominally socialist organizations supported their national governments rather than call for resistance to the war and solidarity of … Continue reading

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