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The Characteristics of Mature Capitalism v. 4

by Rawlinsview –New York Jan 29, 2014 – –  The Current Situation – – Every child knows, too, that the masses of products corresponding to the different needs required different and quantitatively determined masses of the total labor of society. … Continue reading

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Syria chemical weapons deal provides pretext for future intervention. #Syria

The following post represents slightly edited comments made in response to the following article opposing US and other imperial and international intervention in Syria and calling for self-determination for the people living in Syria. On Interventions and the Syrian Revolution http://darthnader.net/2013/08/27/on-interventions-and-the-syrian-revolution/ The … Continue reading

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Pin the Tail on World War III, Obama Justifies Intervention in Syria

With the now sanctioned “revelation” that chemical weapons have been used by the regime of Syrian President Basir al Assad.  The administration of US president Barack Obama has publicly announced its intent to enter more directly into a civil war, … Continue reading

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