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Myth 3 #Syria : 3 of 3: The Limited Strike and the Long Term: Life after congressional approval.

Rawlinsview September 8, 2013–New York Doubtless I seem as the swordsman lancing a scarecrow setting up for my third myth the one that is  least believed. Lest their remain the opinion that no-one of any experience or authority, beyond the … Continue reading

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AP article exposes active involvement of US military advisers in Syrian Civil War #Syria

The article below details the beginnings of US military training and force-building operations based in Jordan and directed against the regime of Bashar al Assad of Syria. To anyone who has followed the development of US military engagements from the … Continue reading

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Myth one of Three ‘Obama in the Corner’ #Syria Syria

Myth one. Obama is in a Corner. Among the most repeated and least true statements as regards the US position toward the Syrian war is the idea that in some way US President Barack Obama has painted himself into a … Continue reading

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